Excerpts: TRT 5 minutes
Full length: TRT 40 minutes
HD Video, Stereo Audio
Language: Tagalog with English subtitles

NEW VISION is a series of questions and conversations that address the philosophical and physical sides of blindness, created in collaboration with a blind massage therapy cooperative in the Philippines called New Vision. New Vision was started by Rudy Sarmiento, in Singalong barangay (neighborhood) Manila, in 1993. Massage therapy is one of the only professional careers for the blind in the Philippines. In New Vision, two of the massage therapists, Mang Rudy (Rudy Sarmiento) and Ate Carmen (Carmen Marvida) share their personal stories of becoming blind, remembering vision, dreams, and how they navigate today.
Recently part of Osterloh's solo exhibition at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the work was reviewed by Ellen Tani for Art Practical:

1224 Don Pedro Street, Manila
New Vision: 1224 Don Pedro Street, Manila

Carmen Marbid, New Vision 




Rudy Sarmiento, New Vision